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Server Operating Systems - PC World: "Server Operating Systems
PC World Staff (PC World) 18/10/2002 11:50:05

So you're looking at moving to a client-server model. You want to take the documents that are randomly scattered on the hard disks of the office PCs and manage them in a single directory, accessible at any time from any PC in the office. Maybe you want to get your own Internet domain name and have a Web site that you host locally, or build an Intranet for staff information and communication. Perhaps you just want to take your single DSL link and provide secure Net access for everybody in the office.

If you're running a small business and have more than two or three PCs in the office, it's time to start looking at setting up a server. One of your first considerations will be which server operating system (OS) to use.

What is a server operating system? (Back to contents)

Server OSes are designed from the ground up to provide platforms for multi-user, frequently business-critical, networked applications. As such, the focus of such operating systems tends to be security, stability and collaboration, rather than user interface.

Server OSes provide a platform for multi-user applications, and most come bundled with a batch of common server applications, such as Web servers, e-mail agents and terminal services.


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