Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LCD TV - PC World

LCD TV - PC World: "LCD TV
Expert advice on buying an LCD TV.
PC World Staff (Good Gear Guide) 26/02/2009 15:50:00

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* How does LCD Work?
* Does size matter?
* Is the native resolution really High Definition?
* What differentiates one LCD TV from another?
* What do you need to connect?
* Watching TV
* Don't wait forever!

We use LCD technology every day, from a simple alarm clock to the screen on your mobile phone. LCD television is the pinnacle of that technology; the end product of continual rigorous development and ingenious design. As each new generation rolls out of the world's LCD plants, the innovations are numerous and accompanied by a leap in quality and capability. This poses a unique problem for consumers that they have never really had to face before when buying a television. The market is flooded with choice, and with the high price of flat panel televisions it is hard to make the right decision with confidence. The purpose of this Buying Guide is to show you what to look out for so that you will take home the panel that best suits your needs, your budget and your lounge room.

How does LCD Work?"

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